• Our Next Story Slam Is:

    Tuesday, October 13th
    Theme: Blood and Guts!
    Side Bar and Restaurant,
    West Chester, PA

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Our Center Stage: Race Event is September 26th, 8pm! 

On September 26th, 8pm, we’re holding a special night of storytelling. Center Stage: Race will feature ten stories from diverse voices on how Race has shaped their lives. We’ll hear stories about how our views on Race are shaped by our grandmothers and our neighbors, our fathers and our friends. Our views on Race are … Continue reading


Our “Saved” Slam ends in a Tie!

Our “Saved” Story Slam ended in a tie! Cathy Sikorski and Marty Hoban each earned slots in the 2015 Grand Slam, which will take place in November. Ben Levine, who has already secured a spot in the Grand Slam, was also tied for the first place win. Our night kicked off with a remarkably fun … Continue reading


September Events – “Saved” Slam and Center Stage: Race

This September, two storytelling events are hitting West Chester. We hope you will “save” the dates and tell your friends and family. We hope to see you soon. West Chester Story Slam: Saved (SOLD OUT!) On Tuesday, September 8, West Chester Story Slam’s theme is “Saved.” Tickets can be ordered here. What do we mean … Continue reading


Steve wins the “Hunger” Story Slam

Congratulations to Steve, the winner of our August “Hunger” Story Slam. Steve told a story of coaching a girls’ basketball team to glory, winning the prized pint glass and and a spot in our upcoming Grand Slam. We heard stories of being sent to one’s room without dinner, experiencing hunger in the Canadian wilderness, and … Continue reading


Our August 11th Story Slam is “Hunger!”

Our August 11th Story Slam is themed “Hunger.” Tickets are on sale now. Order yours by clicking here. What kind of stories are we hungry for? We want stories about the lack of food, the craving for food, the satisfaction of food. We want stories about the absence of substinence. How long have you gone … Continue reading


Benjamin Levine wins the Freedom Story Slam!

Congratulations to Ben Levine! He won our “Freedom” Story Slam with his hilarious story of getting his first kiss. Ben won the prized pint glass and has earned a slot in the November Grand Slam. The theme of “Freedom” brought a variety of stories. We heard about having the freedom to roam, the freedom of … Continue reading


Our July 14th Story Slam is “Freedom!”

UPDATE: As of Friday, July 10th tickets for this Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. Tickets for the August Story Slam will go on sale Wednesday, July 15th. Have you experienced freedom? The feeling of freedom can take many forms. A person may feel free when they retire or quit job they’ve endured for … Continue reading


Cynthia Angst wins the “Illusion” Slam!

Cynthia Angst took home the prized pint glass after delivering her hilarious story of gathering her best friends around so she could try on a wedding dress. Cynthia has won a slot in the November Grand Slam, where she will compete against the other 2015 winners for the title of Best Storyteller in West Chester. … Continue reading


Our June 9th Story Slam is “Illusion!”

Our June 9th Story Slam is themed “Illusion!” A few tickets remain and you can reserve a spot by clicking here. What do we mean by “Illusion?” We are looking for stories about seeing things differently than what they truly are. Did you ever fall under the illusion that there were boundaries holding you back? … Continue reading


Our May Story Slam Ends in a Tie!

After a remarkable night of stories, Gina Gennari and Pat Wendel came away with a tie at our “Wake Up Call” Story Slam. Both women have earned spots in our November Grand Slam. Gina told the heartbreaking story of coping with the death of her father. Pat explained how being the parent of a single … Continue reading


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