Rise Above, April 2012

Rise Above! This was the theme of our April, 2012 Story Slam, which was held at Victory Brewing Company. Joanne Rafferty won the slam with this story:

Joanne Rafferty tells the incredulous story of how her prized possession, a new bath towel, ended up on the evening news.

Guest Storyteller Kelly Simmons told this story of how an incident while riding the Septa train led to a confrontation… and an apology. Kelly is the author of two novels, “Standing Still” and “The Birdhouse.” Learn more about Kelly at bykellysimmons.com.

David James tells the story of being stuck on a plane between three interesting individuals who unintentionally combined to create a symphony of sound, making his trip rather uncomfortable.

Terry Heyman tells about what she learned about her heritage from her kids.

Brad Wheeler recalls one of the dirtiest and most frightening flights he has made as an airplane pilot.

Langdon James tells about his first flight in a glider and what he learned from it.

Peter Cunniffe explains why women ride rollercoasters

Celeste Montgomery tells the story of a parasailing ride and how she coped with the terror.

Nancy Virden talks about the miracle of birth, in particular, the birth of her son.

Angie Ecenbarger tells the story of a recent visit to Chile where she got caught up in the moment sampling foods before looking at the label!

Jim Breslin tells the story of how a company he worked at had lost it’s mojo, and how they got it back.

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