Resolutions, January 2012

On January 10th, 2012, the West Chester Story Slam launched our third season. Our new venue, Victory Brewing Company was packed with regulars and newcomers to the story slam and we heard eleven stories on the night. Below you will find most of the night’s stories. Check out our schedule for upcoming events and themes so you can prepare your story!

Roshun Pai won our “Resolutions” Story Slam with this story of being arrested in a foreign country while attending a wedding.

Joanne Rafferty tells about her decision to not help a neighbor in need – and how she was unable to live up to her resolution.

Peter Cunniffe talks about “What We Talk About When We Talk About Love.” His story, about his resolution to talk about love, was inspired by the title of the Raymond Carver short story.

Josh Cole tells about a resolution he made in high school, and how his actions changed the school’s rule book for subsequent students.

Lea Bellis tells about seeing a car on fire on the highway and how she resolved to stop the unsuspecting driver no matter what it took.

Michael Gleason tells the story of his first trip to Las Vegas and how they resolved to walk to a certain club only to realize they had made several mistakes.

Kyle Hudson tells a story about getting stuck in Newark, NJ after missing a train late one night and how a stranger took him in an extraordinary act of kindness.

4 Responses to “Resolutions, January 2012”
  1. I found myself thinking about these stories all the next day. Always good not only for a laugh in the moment but for pondering later. Thanks, all!

  2. Gretchen – I agree. The day after the slams is always one where several stories pop into my head at various times and I find myself smiling. I loved Josh’s story.

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