The parking meters in West Chester Borough are active at night and the Parking Department is the most efficient in the country. That’s why we recommend you consider these nearby FREE parking options. All three are noted on the map below.

1) Chestnut Street Parking Garage (14 East Chestnut Street) across from the YMCA. When you enter this parking garage, you will have to take a ticket and park on one of the upper levels. Here’s the inside scoop. As of now, the attendants at this lot work on Tuesday nights until 9:30 pm. Once attendants are off duty, the gate is open and cars are free to come and go. If you are staying for the entire Story Slam, our show generally runs until 9:30 or 9:45. For a Thursday night Late Night Story Slam, you will have to pay to park in the garage. The parking garage’s website can be found by clicking HERE.

2) High Street, North of Washington Street. Parking is free along High Street north of Washington. It’s a short walk down to Side Bar.

3) Municipal Lot on Gay Street, just west of New Street. On a nice night, this is a very pleasant walk. Drive past Side Bar on Gay Street, proceeding three blocks. One block after St. Agnes Church, a large municipal lot will be on your right. Parking is free at nights.

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