Paid Vacation – June, 2012

The theme of our June, 2012 Story Slam was Paid Vacation. Check out the stories told this night!

Peter Cunniffe won the “Paid Vacation” Story Slam with this story of his business trip to Puerto Rico and how the payoff dwindled over time.

Shayna Parker tells about taking a working trip to New Orleans – and how she hopes to return one day on her own.

Richard Fritzson tells about how confusion over train seats in Italy led to some very tense moments with an elderly Italian couple. The result, once he had it translated was quite startling.

Stephanie Ostroff tells about her trip to Prague, and her trip back to Italy was disrupted due to volcanic ash and her changed travel plans proved quite rewarding.

Italian men can be a bit touchy and invade women’s private space. Celeste Montgomery tells about what happened in an Italian square with her friends (who were nuns) and how one Italian man went too far.

Mikey Gleason tells the story of a recent trip to Italy, where he learned something new about earthquakes.

Joanne Rafferty tells about a vacation where she went horseback riding and had a misunderstanding with the local ranch hands. schoolteacher Rick Stevenson gives a few reasons why teachers deserve a “Paid Vacation” each summer.

Mark Schneider tells stories about his Paid Vacation, when he worked in NYC for four years.

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