Our October “Courage” Story Slam is Sold Out!

Our final regular season Story Slam will be held on Tuesday, October 14th and the theme is “Courage!” UPDATED: September 25th – The October Story Slam is SOLD OUT. Thank You. We have tickets for Delco Story Slam. Learn more by clicking HERE. We’re looking for stories of courage during rough times – courage to … Continue reading

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Jeff Hazelwood wins the “Scars” Story Slam

Jeff Hazelwood won the “Scars” Story Slam with his tale of accidentally igniting an Italian man’s shirt on fire with a lit cigarette! Jeff won the coveted West Chester Story Slam coffee mug and a slot in our November Grand Slam. The range of stories tonight provided a rich experience for the sold out crowd. … Continue reading


West Chester Center Stage: “Faith” Debuts September 13th

West Chester Story Slam Presents Center Stage, an occasional series of storytelling events focused on important themes and issues. Center Stage is a night of stories selected and arranged for the audience. Think of it as a curated anthology of nonfiction told live on stage, right here in the borough. Our first Center Stage event … Continue reading

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Jill Salkin wins the “Small World” Story Slam!

After a full night of wild stories, Jill Salkin edged her way to a win with her tale of an arduous hike up Mt. Washington. She won the coveted West Chester Story Slam coffee mug and a spot in November’s Grand Slam. Scroll down to watch her story. We heard some amazing stories that spanned … Continue reading


August 12th Slam Sold Out, Center Stage Launches in September

UPDATED: August 12, Noon – Seats and Standing Room Only tickets for the August Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. Tickets for West Chester Center Stage: Faith are available now and you can learn more here. Tickets for the September Story Slam will go on sale Wednesday, August 13th. UPDATED: July 29, 5 pm … Continue reading


Lights Out! Chris Rich Wins July Story Slam!

Just as we were starting our “Promises” Story Slam on Tuesday, July 8th, a storm swept through the borough and electricity was lost inside Side Bar. When emcee Mikey Gleason wondered aloud in the darkness if we should start the show, the packed house started chanting, “Stories! Stories! Stories!” The show must go on! The … Continue reading


Our “Promises” Story Slam, Tuesday, July 8th, has Sold Out

Updated on July 2nd: Seats for our July 8th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. Updated on July 5th: Our Standing Room only tickets have now sold out. Thank you. Tickets for the August Story Slam will go on sale Wednesday, July 9. Our next Story Slam, being held on Tuesday, July 8th, promises … Continue reading

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Terry Heyman wins our “Home Sweet Home” Story Slam!

Congratulations to Terry Heyman for winning our June “Home Sweet Home” Story Slam! Terry told the story of preparing to celebrate a final Christmas with her mother-in-law. It was a humorous and touching story. The range of stories were heard tonight was astonishing. We heard about trashing a rental unit in Hawaii and shooting rap … Continue reading


Our June 10 Story Slam is Themed “Home Sweet Home!”

Update: Monday, June 9th at 8 p.m. Seats for the June 10th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. We do have a few Standing Room Only tickets remaining. We’re coming home in June. Our June 10th Story Slam is themed “Home Sweet Home!” Seats can be reserved by clicking HERE. What kind of stories … Continue reading


Steve wins the “Rebel” Story Slam

Steve won the “Rebel” Story Slam with his tale of acting rebellious on the mean streets of Northeast Philadelphia. Congratulations to Steve who secured a spot in our 2014 Grand Slam. The audience was as rebellious as the theme tonight in their support of our twelve storytellers. Diane told a story of how she rebelled … Continue reading


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