Metropolis – August, 2012

Luke Stromberg won our August, 2012 Story Slam with this story of how he started in a life of crime. This story is about the mischief teens will get into – and often get out of.

Rick Poole tells about a trip to North Korea which included stops in the metropolis in Beijing, where he met some very amiable people.

Charles Bauerlein tells the story of a painful conflict that arises when a Phillies World Series game coincides with an anniversary party being held for his parents.

Zach Burkhart tells the humorous story of traveling to NYC as a kid – and how strangers played along with his creative mind.

Michele Berardi tells the story of attending a wedding in New York City and insights she learned about the makings of a metropolis.

Vinnie Aggarwal tells the story of working in London and how running late is not always a bad thing.

Celeste Montgomery tells about visiting Paris and how her understanding of French led to some awkward moments.

Kyle Hudson tells about his attempt to visit an authentic British pub on the first night of his trip to London, and how he ended up in a much less desirable watering hole.

Holly Heller tells the story of going out on the town and and being robbed by a gentleman.

Shayna Parker tells the story of attending a wedding down in the south that exposed a different culture.

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