Lust For Life, July 2012

Here’s the stories from our July, 2012 Story Slam. The theme of the night was “Lust For Life!”

Richard Fritzson won our July, 2012 Story Slam with this story about how chaperoning a church youth retreat led to a life-changing experience for him.

Jim Breslin tells the story of fulfilling a childhood dream, and how he embarrassed his sons in the moment it happened.

Andrea Rumble-Moore tells about how she celebrated her impending graduation from college by getting a body piercing!

Victoria Jones tells about her adventure of getting a tattoo and why she chose this specific one.

Peter Cunniffe recalls the life of his uncle who was both a jokester and a priest, and how this man’s legacy lives on. The theme of the night was “Lust For Life!” Learn more at

Patrick Carmody tells the story of being the husband of a soccer wife.

Connie Shapiro tells the humorous story of hearing updates from her daughter on what was being learned in her church’s sexuality program.

Patrick Ford tells the story of a trip to Baghdad, and how his departure from the war zone turned into the most harrowing, and exciting, night of his life.

Mark Schneider tells the story of how the previous night he learned what “Lust For Life” means for him. Learn more at

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