Road Trip

Peter Cunniffe won July’s Story Slam with this tale of an impromptu Road Trip to Boston which ended up having lasting repercussions!

David James tells how he took a road trip on his mountain bike and lost in a confrontation with a passerby!

Kirsten Werner explains how a ruined Road Trip can be suddenly turned around by using your car hood as a bottle opener!

Cara Schmidt explains why she hates Dolly Parton!

Joanne McGeoch tells us about a transformative Road Trip she took, and how she gave it all away!

Carolyn McGlinchey tells about a Road Trip she intended to take, until the police learned about it!

Steve Kibler tells about a momentous Road Trip to New Orleans nearly ended in catastrophe, but how he just barely made it home in time for the first day of school.

Matthew Smith tells about a vacation to Ecuador that was interrupted in the middle of the night with a local catastrophe.

Mike Gleason tells how he met some new friends in Manhattan after his car broke down, and how they came to his rescue!

Andrew Rodriguez tells the story of how he and friends made a huge mess during a Road Trip and how they were forced to clean it up!

Deborah Bussewitz tells a story about her Road Trip and the Park Ranger!

Dan Breslin tells about a trip to Utah where the hotel staff started thinking he and his wife were a bit shady.

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