Fiction Romance, February 2012

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2012, over 100 people came out for our “Fiction Romance” Theme at Victory Brewing Company. We heard stories about people seeking love, sex, and romance – or the lack of it.

Terry Heyman tells about how, as a teenager, she ended up flirting with an Oscar-winning actor at Studio 54 and how the relationship suddenly went south.

Andrea Rumble-Moore tells a story about her Southern mother’s expectations for daughters to be married.

Jennifer Lambert tells the story of being set up on a blind date by her 84-year-old grandfather.

Joanne Rafferty tells about being from a large Irish Catholic family and how her father often confused his daughters.

Victoria Jones tells about an online dating experience that went awry.

Peter Cunniffe explains how Fiction Romance works in a long-term relationship.

Patrick Carmody talks about how some loves may fade, but others are forever.

Leslie Weinberg tells about babysitting kids and the memories this has brought back.

David James talks about the crush he had on his math tutor as an adolescent.

Jim Breslin tells the story of meeting a couple in a Dublin bar, and how their first appearances proved deceiving.

Gretchen Cole tells about moving to Hawaii and how her fictional romance back in Kansas came in handy.

Jim Wilen talks about how his wife persevered when he had the insane idea of buying an RV from a gypsy in Florida.

One Response to “Fiction Romance, February 2012”
  1. gary zenker says:

    I am embarrassed to say that this is the first time I made my way to watch the online recordings. Great way to show those of us who couldn’t attend. Great.

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