“Small World” August 12th, Center Stage Launches in September


“It’s a small world, but I wouldn’t want to paint it.” – Steven Wright The world keeps getting smaller, doesn’t it? The world is made up of connections, often unlikely connections. Have you ever been traveling and met a stranger who automatically starts searching for a connection with you. “My aunt lives in New Jersey. … Continue reading

Lights Out! Chris Rich Wins July Story Slam!


Just as we were starting our “Promises” Story Slam on Tuesday, July 8th, a storm swept through the borough and electricity was lost inside Side Bar. When emcee Mikey Gleason wondered aloud in the darkness if we should start the show, the packed house started chanting, “Stories! Stories! Stories!” The show must go on! The … Continue reading

Our “Promises” Story Slam, Tuesday, July 8th, has Sold Out


Updated on July 2nd: Seats for our July 8th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. Updated on July 5th: Our Standing Room only tickets have now sold out. Thank you. Tickets for the August Story Slam will go on sale Wednesday, July 9. Our next Story Slam, being held on Tuesday, July 8th, promises … Continue reading

Terry Heyman wins our “Home Sweet Home” Story Slam!

photo 1-15

Congratulations to Terry Heyman for winning our June “Home Sweet Home” Story Slam! Terry told the story of preparing to celebrate a final Christmas with her mother-in-law. It was a humorous and touching story. The range of stories were heard tonight was astonishing. We heard about trashing a rental unit in Hawaii and shooting rap … Continue reading

Our June 10 Story Slam is Themed “Home Sweet Home!”


Update: Monday, June 9th at 8 p.m. Seats for the June 10th Story Slam have sold out. Thank you. We do have a few Standing Room Only tickets remaining. We’re coming home in June. Our June 10th Story Slam is themed “Home Sweet Home!” Seats can be reserved by clicking HERE. What kind of stories … Continue reading

Steve wins the “Rebel” Story Slam


Steve won the “Rebel” Story Slam with his tale of acting rebellious on the mean streets of Northeast Philadelphia. Congratulations to Steve who secured a spot in our 2014 Grand Slam. The audience was as rebellious as the theme tonight in their support of our twelve storytellers. Diane told a story of how she rebelled … Continue reading

Our “Rebel” Story Slam is Tuesday, May 13!

photo 3-6

Updated: Tuesday, May 6 – Seats for the May 13th Rebel Story Slam are sold out. Thank you. As of now, we have Standing Room Only tickets available which does include a few seats at the bar. Are you a rebel? At one point in your life, did you rebel? This is the theme of … Continue reading

Our “Satisfaction” Story Slam Ends in a Tie!

photo 5-1

Tonight’s Story Slam truly satisfied, and in the end Mike Mauger and Justin Daniel walked out with a tie for first place. Mike Mauger told the hilarious story about being assigned to cover one of his favorite musicians and the awkward spot he found himself in. Justin Daniel jumped up immediately afterwards and told a … Continue reading

Our April 8th “Satisfaction” Story Slam has sold out


UPDATE: Tuesday, April 8th at 12 Noon. Tickets have sold out for tonight’s Story Slam. Thank You. Tickets for the May 13 Story Slam will go on sale on Wednesday, April 9th. UPDATE: Thursday, April 3 – Standing Room Only Tickets Remain! Seats have sold out for the April show. Hanging at the bar is … Continue reading

Kevin Ginsberg wins our “Regrets” Story Slam

photo 4-3

Congratulations to Kevin Ginsberg! Kevin won the March Story Slam with his hilarious story about getting lost in Camden while trying to go see the play “Jesus Christ Superstar.” Check out the video below. We heard some very interesting stories about the theme “Regrets” tonight. Some were humorous and others were touching. We heard a … Continue reading


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