2010 Season

Tuesday, January 12th – Theme: Embarrassing Moments! Winner: Shirley Landis VanScoyk

Tuesday, February 9th – Theme: Love Hurts! Winner: Jake Michael

Tuesday, March 9th – Theme: Bad Idea! Winner: Joanne Rafferty

Tuesday, April 13th – Theme: Good Intentions! Winner: David James

Tuesday, May 11th – Theme: Karma Winner: Phil Kasitz

Tuesday, June 8th – Theme: Broke! Winner: Leila

July 13th – Theme: Road Trip! Winner: Peter Cunniffe

August 11th – Theme: It’s My Job! TIE! Winners: Robert Williams and Matt Brophy

September 14th – Theme: Boiling Point! Winner: Andres Wewer

October 12th – Scared to Death! Winner: Mike Gleason

November 9th – Grand Slam! No Theme! Winner: Robert Williams


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